Amerimonster! (Tape)

Eight new tunes of snarling dystopia and freaky weird magic from the gaping maws of golems!

You can get this from Bandcamp!

Swamp Fist (CD)

Eight songs of hallucinogenic glam-a-billy as only the Slow Poisoner can slather into your synapses. Features horror auteur John Skipp on percussion and vocal atmospherics.

You can get this from Bandcamp or iTunes or directly from me.

Midnight Earwig Buffet/Voices Green and Purple (7-inch Vinyl Single)

Whispering wax weirdness - one original and one cover from the savage psychedelic garage!

Only three doll hairs plus postage directly from me.

Magic Casket (CD)

A roots-rock-opera about ghosts and liquor. The Slow Poisoner narrates this compelling tale told in ten tunes, and it comes illustrated with felt art!

You can get this from CD Baby or iTunes or directly from me.

Black Velvet Paintings (Original Art)

Flights of fancy and far-out freaks are frequently captured on canvas by the Slow Poisoner, utilizing the timeless and tasteful medium of black velvet painting. Contact me to see what I might currently have available - They're cheap!

Examples and ordering information can be found at my Ogner Stump comics and art website.

Midnight Earwig Buffet (Book)

"A dark, floating, surreal gumbo; part Edward Lear, part Dr. Seuss-and who knows what else. You could almost show this to kids-or could you? Buy two-color one in. The Slow Poisoner strikes again!" -Jello Biafra

154 page paperback with abundant illustrations.

Available from Amazon.

Ogner Stump's One Thousand Sorrows (Comic)

All the maladies of the modern world, as seen through the eyes of everyman Ogner Stump and his blue, globular companion Slub Glub. A comic strip of a thousand episodes, unfolding in hallucinogenic color.

Laugh, cry and be confused at my Ogner Stump comics and art website.